About me

My name is Hans Wagemans and I am a retired engineer. In 1967 I got a C-license and the callsign PA0HWE. After passing the morse test in 1980 the license was upgraded to A. During 1996 I moved to Belgium and my callsign changed to ON4CDU

Over the years, my interests have been in the technical aspects of the hobby mainly at VHF, UHF and SHF. My passions are radio propagation and weak signal working. During contests I am/was active in many groups like PA0MS/p, PA0MJK/P, PA0LMD/P, PA0HWE/P, PI4Z, ON4SHF/P, ON4SHF/R, ON4CP, ON4CDU/P and many other callsigns. So during contests, please listen on the microwaves to the weak signals!

ON4SHF Portable QSL

ON4SHF/P during contests