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The roverbox: GPS/GNSS display with 10 MHz reference

The Roverbox will display the following information:

  • Time and Date
  • QTH locator
  • Validity of the information displayed
  • ASL, HDOP, number of satellites used, position of sun and moon
  • 10 MHz lock indicator
  • Calibration value for 10 MHz lock
  • Accurate position values (available for 20 x 4 LCD)

The roverbox shows the calibration values

   Roverbox software V1.5


  • The package contains software for LCD 16 x 2 and for LCD 20 x 4
  • GNSS software: to be used for receivers with GNSS strings e.g. u-BLOX NEO 8 modules
  • GPS 9600: to be used for receivers with GPS strings e.g. u-BLOX NEO 6 modules
  • GPS 4800: to be used for Rockwell Jupiter GPS-receivers
  • Software can also be used for ‘a GPS/GNSS display unit’ simple by not using the extra functionality.